LDO Model

Organisational Learning Mechanisms

Organisational learning structure is defined; (Friedman et al. 2001) various learning processes, procedures, and activities are actively employed organisation-wide.
This may include -but not limited to-, reflection, coaching, mentoring, after-action review, suggestions schemes and benchmarking:
  • Organisation strategy sets a direction for learning and responds to the consequences.
  • Budget for organisational learning is secured and responsibility is allocated.
  • OL has to be structured therefore and embedded into the organization's ecosystem; in fact it should be an ecosystem in itself.
  • There are various types of activities to help people understand how they learn.
  • People are recognised for learning.
  • Learning is articulated, shared, understood and implemented.
  • Appropriate mechanisms such coaching and mentoring are employed to engage and involve people at all organisational levels.
  • Learning needs are identified, acted upon and outcome is measured for individuals, teams, and organization-wide.
  • Ongoing processes to consider critically the meaning of learning
  • Lessons learnt are documented, classified, communicated and utilized organisation-wide.
  • Learning outcomes are publicly acknowledged and published on regular basis (where applicable).
  • People at all levels have fair access to information appropriate to their needs.
  • People have fair access to support at all levels.
  • There are various channels where organisation can listen to its customers, partners and other stakeholders.
  • Feedback from all stakeholders is considered and acted upon.
  • Learning from others is encouraged, supported organisation-wide.
  • People are encouraged and supported to acquire further academic education where applicable.
  • Appropriate technology is employed to support and facilitate learning.
  • Suggestions can flow into and within an organisation e.g. idea management systems, and internal blogs
  • Organisation participates in knowledge acquisition and dissemination activities outside the organisation, nationally and internationally.
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