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Organisational Learning Culture - OLC

Inspired by Wittgenstein, we use a river in flow. At one level, organisation culture acts like the nutrients that enable a river’s life. It is the history from past formation that sets what is allowed and what is not allowed. It can enrich and nurture learning and all other favoured approaches but it can also can prevent. The bed of the river interacts with its boundaries, or the two banks that shape the river. The shaping can be understood as structures and systems, more or less permanent in a culture but subject to possible disturbance, collapses and redirections. Then there is the flow of the river, everyday life (unless it dries up!) that is affected by the structures and systems but can also be the instigators of change to those structures and systems. Much of the life is visible and can appear normal or under pressure but much can be hidden below the surface. This can make life difficult to understand if you are not in the flow or observing a static flow from the banks. Without understanding organisation culture, it becomes difficult to gain acceptance of change and to reap the benefit of what can be learned.

How It Works

Culture may be assessed and addressed though not limited to the following dimensions of practice for learning:
  • Leaders establish and nurture learning culture organization-wide.
  • Leaders are role models for learning.
  • Trust is organisation-wide
  • Transparency and openness for learning.
  • Continuous improvement is embedded.
  • People are engaged at all levels.
  • Teamwork is encouraged and rewarded organisation-wide.
  • Autonomy and empowerment in the decision making process.

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