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Jeff Gold is co-founder of the HRD and Leadership Research Unit at Leeds Business School, a collaborative project with several organisations including Hallmark Cards, Morrisons plc, Skipton Building Society, BUPA, LBBC ltd, Webanywhere and TheWorks. The projects seeks to support leadership and talent development in each organisation and allow knowledge to be shared between partners.

Jeff is also the Director of the DBA programme at Leeds Beckett University. The programme started in 2009 and now has over 100 students. Jeff Gold works closely with partners in the Northern Leadership Academy, seeking to use evidence to stimulate the demand for leadership development across all sectors in the North of England.

He has delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes and workshops on change, strategic learning, management and leadership with a particular emphasis on participation and distribution.

Professor Jeff Gold
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Research Areas

Jeff Gold has completed a wide range of research projects since 1989. His current research focuses on how to increase the return on investment in leadership and talent programmes, the vital role of SME networks in leadership development, leadership learning from social capital and the contribution of coaching to change in the NHS.

Research Areas

Jeff Gold's approach to research is increasingly collaborative, seeking to work with practitioner partners on their issues and ensuring impact and value-addd.

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