What is Organisational Learning?

“The process of modifying organisational behaviour through the use of different processes, practices, methods and activities in drawing lessons learned from within and outside the organisation for the purpose of systematically improving performance and transforming into a learning-driven organisation”. - Garad & Gold (2018)

The LDO Model has been informed by

44 one-to-one
44 one-to-one interviews with executives, managers and emloyees from several cultures and backgrounds.
37 employees
37 employees and supervisors through 10 focus groups
Enormous number
Enormous number of documents, records, manuals, emails, and guidelines
800 hours
Over 800 hours of direct observation and interaction.
16 years
Continuous reflection over 16 years and still going
Review by 32
Comprehensive review by 32 professors, executives, consultants and subject matters experts

The LDO Model Stakeholders

Assumptions of the LDO Model

As we aim to propose an ecosystem OL model, we tried to understand and showcase how learning can become organisational as well as strategic, and how change can be facilitated and lead from lessons learned.
Organisational Learning Mechanisms
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The desired results of LDO Model
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Organisational Learning Culture
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